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From Smith, re: Suva

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I arrived in Suva after a long, delightful drive along the coast from Nadi.
Backing up, yesterday was fabulous - I struck out to explore and wandered into
a local family's hut along the shore. Spoke with them for a while. Lovely folks!
A school teacher, his wife and three girls. I'm fortunate that the Fijians speak
great English, connecting with people is for me what traveling is all about.

Last night I had tea with a Fijian business man (relocated to Australia) who I met
on the plane. He has some interesting insights about Fiji, since he is one of 11
kids and the only one to leave the island. Possibility for an interview?

En route to Suva, I stopped at Natadola beach, supposedly the island's best.
Indeed, quite fabulous - the water, the sand, the local kids playing,the warmth.
THIS is what one thinks of as synonymous with Fiji. Mumsey's right, the Nadi's
beaches are worth a swim, but not as phenomenal as Fiji's other spreads.

The ride was long to get here, but scenic. I drove past places in which we'll
stay. I didn't shoot too much, but did manage to almost fill a tape. I feel
more like I've been scouting, since I"ll be back that way, and because
I'm trying to wrap my head around what is Fiji.

I"m very motivated here in Suva - it's night, but I can already tell it's
a city of diversity with a buzzing energy.

It's interesting to be here, but I'm really looking forward to having all
of you
here too. There is much fun and adventure to be had!


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